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Watch Burning Man 2019 live

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Feel—and see—the burn

Although the annual festival in the desert has it roots in San Francisco bohemianism, it has since gone down in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Similarly, it used to be a celebration of counterculture and post-status quo ideology, but it’s now prohibitively expensive for most people to enjoy.

For homebound burners, this poses a problem. So to enjoy the experience of Burning Man from the comfort of your sofa and to the ease of your pocketbook, there’s always the vicarious experience of the 24-hour Burning Man livestream, straight from Black Rock City.

The stream went live Sunday, the official opening day of the dusty bacchanalia, and will continue through the finale on Monday, September 2, which will conclude with the ritual giant effigy burning that gives the entire event its name.

Those who have never seen the climactic inferno can check out a recap of last year’s conflagration here.

Note that the livecam is audio-free. Where to go for choice Burning Man sounds? You can listen to the aural stylings of the playa over at BMIR at 94.5 FM. (Available in the U.S. only.) And don’t forget to check out some of the eye-popping art and architecture gracing the temporary city.

Be sure to check out choice satellite images of the Playa Time Magazine recently published.

Watch Burning Man 2019 live.