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Evacuations ordered for fire near Redding

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Mountain Fire has already burned 600 acres

Bright red and orange flames illuminate the smoke and trunks of trees in a forest fire.
Fire in the Shasta Trinity National Forest in 2018.
Photo credit should read JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images

Cal Fire reports that a wildfire in Shasta County near Redding swole to nearly 600 acres by about 9 a.m. Friday. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Department warns people living on multiple roads around the Shasta Lake area to evacuate as firefighting efforts continue.

The Mountain Fire began around noon Thursday. Cal Fire estimates that it has since destroyed seven buildings and injured two people (one a firefighter) as of Friday morning. The agency estimates containment at around 40 percent, or approximately 240 acres.

The Mountain Fire name designates the conflagration’s proximity to Bear Mountain Road, sitting just east of the town of Shasta Lake and just south of the lake itself.

The fire sits only about two miles from the outskirts of Redding (population 92,000 or so), and less than ten miles from Redding’s urban center.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office orders evacuations for the following areas:

  • Old Oregon Trail at Oasis Road
  • Kitty Hawk at Bear Mountain Road
  • Bear Mountain Road at Old Oregon Trail
  • Bear Mountain Road at Dry Creek
  • Highway 299 between Deschutes and Old Oregon Trail
  • Highway 299 closed at Dry Creek
  • All roads that intersect on south side of Bear Mountain Road
  • Christian Way (but not Christian Lane, in Redding).
  • “Creek Trail to Old Oregon and all roads that intersect”
  • Driftwood
  • Dry Creek
  • Elk Trail East
  • Elk Trail West
  • High View
  • Highway 299 East at Old Oregon Trail
  • Highway 299 West at Deschutes Road
  • Jones Valley
  • Old Oregon Trail Northbound
  • Ravine Road
  • Scotts Trail west of Bear Mountain
  • South side of Bear Mountain Road to Old Oregon Trail
  • Squaw Grass Trail
  • Wildwood Lane

The sheriff warns that Shasta College Campus is also closed for the time being.

The designated evacuation center is Crosspointe Community Church, 2960 Hartnell Road, in Redding.

Redding Fire Department Chief Cullen Kreider reported via Twitter that at one point during the night the fire was as large as 820 acres, but Cal Fire maintained its 600 acre estimate as of Friday morning.