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You can rent Mark Zuckerberg’s old bedroom for $1,950 per month

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“Original Facebook house” was home to social media giant’s earliest days

A sprawling house in Los Altos with a blue facade. Photo via Craigslist

An ad on the rental site Co.House for a home dubbed the “original Facebook house” now offers “Mark Zuckerberg’s actual old room” for rent, presenting the now-tech billionaire’s former lair for $1,950 per month.

A second room in the same eight-bedroom Los Altos home popped up on Craigslist this week, advertised a “bedroom at Mark Zuckerberg’s old house” for $1,350 per month, but that one is down the hall from Zuck’s former personal space.

Both are part of a sprawling co-living household (“a small group of techies, explorers, and entrepreneurs”) banking on the home’s previous tech credentials to attract new renters.

The Craigslist ad notes that “this is the actual place that Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker lived at whenever Facebook crossed 1 million users,” citing the 2011 book Casa Facebook, coauthored by landlady Judy Fusco.

In her tome, Fusco refers to the property at 1743 Westbrook Avenue as “a mystical house that became headquarters to the social networking startup that changed the world.”

Zuckerberg moved into the “mansion” (as Fusco calls it) at age 20, when Facebook was still in its experimental stages.

So, is this house the real deal? The answer is yes—although, in truth, Zuckerberg and company only stayed there for a few months.

The 2007 lawsuit ConnectU v. Zuckerberg—one of the legal fights dramatized in the 2010 movie The Social Network—states that “from mid-September, 2004, until mid-January, 2005, he [Zuckerberg] lived at 1743 Westbrook Avenue, Los Altos, California, in an unfurnished house,” and photos of the property are distinctly the same home as those featured in the recent ads.

For the curious, in 2004 the Facebook team paid $5,500 per month to rent the entire eight bedroom home, with a $10,000 deposit.