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Condo in rippling MIRA building asks $1.09 million

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What a twist

Exterior of Mira Tower, which is white and twisting toward the blue sky. Renderings courtesy of Garrett Frakes

The corkscrewing MIRA high-rise, located in the East Cut at 280 Spear, is still technically under construction, but for those who can’t wait to get a piece of it, realtor Garrett Frakes offers a two-bed, one-bath condo on the fifth floor for $1.09 million.

“MIRA features iconic architecture, innovative layouts, striking views, and a bold attitude,” Frakes writes of unit #5H, along with the tagline “shift your perspective on living in San Francisco.”

[Correction: A spokesperson for Polaris Pacific tells Curbed SF that Frakes is “senior exec at Polaris in charge of the MIRA project” but doesn’t directly list homes himself. Instead the listing is per Polaris Pacific’s larger sales team.]

In truth, the condos—seen here in renderings—look similar to other new condos in the neighborhood, demanding little shifting and offering not much by way of big twists.

A rendering of the living room in a condo in San Francisco, with floor to ceiling windows looking out onto the bay behind the couches.
Living room.

Some softer colors in the wood floors and details break up the glacial sheen of the white interiors a bit, offering the contemporary style popular these days.

The Jeanne Gang-designed exterior, with its rippling facade, is where the money is in terms of real innovation here. Back when the building was still in the proposal phase, Gang called the design a variation on bay windows that ensured each unit was slightly different.

At 957 feet, the total price here spirals out to $1,144 per square foot.

A rendering of the kitchen in a condo in San Francisco, with wood floors and cabinets.
A rendering of the bathroom in a condo in San Francisco, with sink at left and bathtub in the background.
A rendering of the bedroom in a condo in San Francisco, with bed at left and open windows at right.
Master bedroom.
The floorpan of a two bed, one bath San Francisco condo.