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Restauranteur’s Napa Valley estate drops price by $2.8 million

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Original 2018 offering asked more than $8.49 million

A stone house in Napa Valley, surrounded by trees and vines. Peter Lyons

In May of 2018, SF restaurateur Pat Kuleto listed his five bed, four and a half bath, custom-made home at 2460 Sage Canyon Road in St. Helena for more than $8.49 million, realtor Lisa Sheppard telling the San Francisco Chronicle that Kuleto personally designed the place right down to the white oak lighting fixture in the dining room.

Curbed SF noted the “raised hearth, wine cellar, guest suite, vineyards, pool, and even a helipad,” describing Kuleto’s style as “The Hobbit-meets-Wine Country.”

But over a year later it seems the Shire has been scoured, or at the very least pretty well pruned, as a series of price cuts have chopped the asking for the five bed, five bath estate down to just less than $5.7 million, a decline of $2.8 million in 15 months.

The latest offering on the circa 1995 redoubt—now featured on Sotheby’s, having migrated over from Compass previously—still calls the place “never before offered” and invites potential buyers to “experience the incredible, personal Napa Valley estate” of Kuleto, complete with “sweeping views from every window, spectacular infinity pool, pool house, wine cave,” vineyards, and even three lakes.

Kuleto’s portfolio includes prime SF eateries like Waterbar and Farallon, and there are indeed distinct parallels between the aesthetics of his home and some of his restaurants, including the atrium-like bedroom and oversized fireplace.

“The house’s massive size is not immediately apparent” from the front, the brochure promises, another feature of its aforementioned Hobbit-like sensibilities. What buyer will prove sufficiently adventurous for it in the future remains to be seen.