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“Loft-style” Oakland hills house lists for a loss

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The $799K asking price is less than this place sold for just two years ago

A teal-colored house in the Oakland hills. Ivan Reyes

Even longtime Oakland residents may scratch their heads wondering just where 3020 Broadmoor View is.

This hillside redoubt is perched on Oakland’s far southeastern flank, just a quick hop from the border with San Leandro but still nestled comfortably within the confines of the town and overlooking the Foothill Square neighborhood.

The house itself is an impressive five bed, three-and-a-half bath, nearly 3,000 square foot circa 1976 gem, with a low-slung front facade and asymmetrical split rooftop.

The view from the backyard reveals that this is actually a towering three-level setup, stacked up to such a degree that it really looks like two entirely different houses from the front and rear.

Realtors Marty Griffith and William Skipwith “gorgeously redefined contemporary style home,” which is actually a bit of a letdown for anyone hoping that some of the retro ‘70s charm might have been preserved here.

Still, it’s a fetching find, dubbed “one of a kind, loft-style living.” The really interesting thing here is the $799,000 asking price, which is actually less than the $875,000 that this place last sold for just two years ago.

In fact, it’s even less than the 2017 listing price of $825,000, and back then it was presented as just four bedrooms. Why would anybody list an Oakland hills home at a seeming loss?

SF Gate probably has the right idea: bidding is very unlikely to let this place stay at $799K for every long, so the up-front price is mostly just an attention grabber.

While this market can surprise a seller and lead to losses sometimes, odds are fortune is going to roll uphill on this one.