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Lyft bike catches fire in Lower Haight

Company pulls fleet from city street during investigation

According to the San Francisco Examiner, the battery on a Lyft bike, which operates under the name Bay Wheels, caught fire this morning. The incendiary incident happened in the Lower Haight near near Page and Scott. No injuries were reported.

Today’s meltdown comes on the heels of a similar e-bike blaze in SoMa.

“A second San Francisco Lyft e-bike seems to have caught fire—including its battery—for an unknown reason on Saturday,” reports the Examiner.

In light of the two immolations, Lyft has decided to pull its bike fleet from city streets.

A Lyft spokesperson tells Curbed, “Because the safety of our riders is our number one concern, we are temporarily making the e-bike fleet unavailable to riders while we investigate and update our battery technology.”

This isn’t the first or second time a newfangled e-device has caught fire. Last week, a dockless Lime bike went up in flames in New York City after an alleged thief, in the process of stealing the device, punctured the battery case that moves the lock, which resulted in a fire. And in June, Skip temporarily pulled its feet of vehicles in SF and in Washington DC after a scooter burst into flames in DC.