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This jazzy Berkeley home looks like a saxophone

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And it could be worth $1.89M

Facade of three-story home which features three massive accents that looks like saxophones, a curbed chimney and two towers that look like soprano saxophones. They’re also gold colored. So very flashy!
Smooth-cool facade boasts saxophone stylings.
Photos courtesy of Lori Alden of Chalkboard Realty

Described by Vanity Fair as “the court jester of California architecture,” Ace Architecture has designed some of the Bay Area’s most whimsical looks, including the Leviathan Building in Oakland, where the firm’s headquarters once stood, and this Berkeley Claremont Hills home, nicknamed “the Saxophone House” due to its unmistakable resemblance to the woodwind instrument.

One of thousands of new homes that rose from the ashes following the Oakland-Berkeley Firestorm, the three-bedroom, three-and-one-half bathroom house at 1985 Tunnel Road was, fittingly, built in 1996 for an amateur jazz player.

Most notably, it features a Streamline Moderne/Art Deco-style facade with an oversized chimney that looks like the curved bell of a massive saxophone and twin star towers shaped like smooth soprano saxophones. (You know, the kind Kenny G plays.)

But the grandiosity doesn’t stop outside. The interiors are also a sight to behold, especially the swirling, golden-hued staircase reaching all three floors. Glass bricks can be found throughout the abode, from the living room wet bar to the decadent master bathroom. And don’t miss the fireplace emitting faint Memphis Group vibes.

Other highlights here include a recently renovated kitchen, three decks with views of the bay, a three-car garage, skylights, and natural light infusing all three floors. Can you dig?

Asking is $1,895,000, listed through Lori Alden of Chalkboard Realty.

Entryway on the middle floor showing the start of the grand staircase, top and bottom floors, and lots of natural light flooding the space.
Entryway leading to grand staircase. Skylight-studded ceiling allows for maximum natural light.
An upward view of the staircase, which is gold and lovely.
Swirling grand staircase.
Living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, massive fireplace with tiles and mantle, circular coffee table, and two white chairs.
The living room with fireplace.
A straight-on view of the gold staircase.
Staircase reaches all three floors.
View of another living room, this one with a bar made up of glass blocks.
Glass blocks adorn the wet bar in the living room.
Circular master bedroom with circular pattern on the ceiling, lights on the ceiling pointing down, a bed and chairs. The colors are muted and lovely.
Circular pattern on the ceiling mimics the circular shape of the master bedroom.
More glass blocks in the Art Deco-inspired bathroom, which comes with a tub near a window overlooking the Berkeley Hills.
Art Deco-inspired master bathroom.
Front side of the building, which boasts additional trumpet-like gold accents and a three-car garage.
The front exterior.