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Transbay buses at Transbay Transit Center not due until August

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Muni service restored earlier this month

Salesforce Transit Center Photo by Aric Crabb/Digital First Media/Bay Area News via Getty Images

San Francisco’s Transbay Transit Center finally reopened at the beginning of this month (following a nearly ten-month closure just weeks after its grand opening), but thus far the common name for the building has been something of a misnomer, since there isn’t much transit happening at the center.

This week AC Transit announced the restoration of Transbay bus service to the Salesforce Transit Center, but not until August 11.

Note that that’s a Sunday and some of the AC Transit lines connecting to San Francisco don’t run on Sunday, meaning that the full suite of service won’t be available until August 12.

Originally service was supposed to take even longer to return, but according to this week’s announcement “bus operator training pacing ahead of forecasted schedules, and [...] construction crews making advancements in the reinstallation of bus deck interiors” sped up the process.

A total of 26 AC Transit’s bus routes connect to the building, linking downtown SF with Oakland, Berkeley, Piedmont, Castro Valley, Hayward, Albany, Richmond, El Cerrito, and El Sobrante.

In 2015 the Alameda County-based transit agency estimated that it ferried roughly 13,500 riders across the bay each week, up from 11,000 two years earlier. AC Transit still delivers to the nearby Temporary Transbay Center.

Muni restored bus service to the building on July 13. Amtrak, Greyhound, Westcat, and Paratransit also run buses to the $2.2-billion structure, although some of those services still list a temporary terminal terminus on route schedules.