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SFMTA votes to ban cars on part of Octavia

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Patricia’s Green will be safer for pedestrians and cyclists

Image courtesy of SFMTA

On Tuesday, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors voted unanimously to close Octavia between Hayes and Linden to vehicular traffic, effectively making the entire block a pedestrian-only zone. It’s all a part of the Octavia Boulevard Enhancement Program.

The closure will also remove approximately 10 parking spots.

Currently, two blocks of Octavia in Hayes Valley is known as Patricia’s Green, a green space for pedestrians, pets, and cyclists, which stretches from Hayes to Fell. However, there still remains a dissonance-inducing lane bordering the park that’s open to cars. SFMTA’s vote will finally close half of the park’s vehicular traffic.

Octavia, which used to connect to a freeway, is known as one of the most dangerous streets for pedestrians in the city, according to the San Francisco Examiner, who report of the closure:While the sections of the street close to the park will be closed to private vehicle traffic, a type of easily-knocked-down semi-permanent traffic cone, called a ‘break-away bollard,’ will be installed to keep cars out but still allow access to fire vehicles.”

Reconstruction will start this fall.

The board has also asked SFMTA to look into closing the Octavia from Linden to Fell, which would close off the entire perimeter of Patricia’s Green to automobiles.