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Luxury Potrero Hill condo building promises feces-free sidewalks

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“Blissfully debris-free” complex comes with $3,700-per month-apartments

The Landing, a new high-end apartment complex in Potrero Hill at 1395 22nd Street, wants prospective renters to know that the neighborhood comes without a few 21st-century San Francisco problems.

A mailer for the new building—one of which writer Tara Ramroop tweeted last week—asks the public in Mad Libs fashion, “Tired of stepping in (blank), on (blank), and over (blank) outside your door? [...] A neighborhood apart means that some of the city’s most unsightly (and smelly) sidewalk issues aren’t a problem in Dogpatch.”

It goes on to promise streets that are “blissfully debris-free.”

(Note that although the building bills itself as being in Dogpatch, it’s located in Potrero Hill.)

Although the fill-in-the-blanks marketing means that the building skirts clear of explicitly saying “no poop, no needles, no homeless persons,” the mailer doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

The Landing, a 263-unit apartment complex designed by SF’s Perry Architects, opened in May, promising residents “life at the next level.” An April press release promotes the building’s exclusivity:

One of San Francisco’s longest buildings at 600 feet in length, The Landing offers residents a private, half-acre rooftop park along with an array of amenities that add up to one seriously elevated personal refuge.

Think 24-hour functional training and HIIT Fitness center, instructed fitness classes, co-working space and a private coding room, and an interactive gaming and theatre lounge. Additional on-site services will include fee based housekeeping, dry cleaning, dog walking, pet grooming, and more.

The complex also boasts a singular SF perk: the right to rent your apartment short-term on Airbnb while out of town.

Site likes list units at The Landing starting at more than $3,700 per month for a 535-square-foot studio, climbing as high as $7,000 for a three-bed, 1,100-square-foot home.

Align Residential, which developed and owns the Landing, has not yet returned requests for comment.