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Salesforce Park reopened today

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Bus service has yet to resume

Atop Salesforce Park, a ring of palm trees with downtown SF in the distance. Photos by Brock Keeling

While bus service remains on hold, the Transbay Transit Center and Salesforce Park, the 5.4-acre megastructure that temporarily closed in August, has reopened.

The transit center opened at 6 a.m. today with little to no fanfare compared to the massive public party it hosted when it opened last year.

Of special note, the gondola at Fremont and Mission will begin working today—this will be the mini-funicular’s inauguration—and the over 200 species of plants have grown lush over the last few months, which is reason enough to check out the park again.

Most of the park remains the same as it first appeared nine months ago. However, there’s new Salesforce-branded signage above the amphitheater and even more signs explaining the park’s flora.

The most whimsical sign is the one detailing how the 1,000-foot-long fountain works. Behold.

The park hosted its weekly yoga class and meditation session this morning. (Check out the entire list of daily events here.) There will also be a beer and wine truck selling beverages come lunch hour. Lots of seating, in primary colors, is available for eating or working. And there’s a nearby cafe inside 181 Fremont, which is accessible on the park level via a small bridge.

Park hours are from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.

While the park and transit center are open, there is no bus service yet. Service is tentatively scheduled to recommence later this month.

San Francisco’s $2.2-billion Transbay Transit Center closed six weeks after opening following the discovery of two cracked steel beams in September.