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SF Pride Parade 2019: Parade route and street closures

Don’t even think of driving

San Francisco Holds Annual Gay Pride Parade
San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Now that San Francisco LGBTQ Pride is in full effect, rampant street closures and major Muni reroutes will get underway beginning Friday and lasting until late Sunday.

The Trans March, arguably the most important and true-to-spirit Pride event, kicks off Friday in Dolores Park. The Dyke March, happening Saturday in Dolores Park, has only grown in numbers each year. And the Pride Parade starts off at the Embarcadero and marches to Civic Center, closing off Market Street for most of Sunday.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about Pride-related street closures, public transit reroutes, and more.

Dyke March—Saturday, June 29

What time does the Dyke March start?

5 p.m. on Saturday.

What times does the rally start?

11 a.m. in Dolores Park.

What route will the march follow?

The march starts from Dolores Street along 18th Street to Valencia Street to 16th Street and up into the Castro to 18th and back to Dolores Park.

Which Muni lines will be affected?

F Market and Wharves, J Church, 22 Fillmore, 24 Divisadero, 33 Ashbury/18th Street, 35 Eureka, 37 Corbett, 55 16th Street

Which streets will be closed?

The following street closures will be required from 9 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.:

  • Dolores Street between 17th and 20th Streets.
  • Intersections: Dolores Street at Dolores Terrace, Dorland, 19th, and Cumberland Streets.
  • Local Access: 19th Street; Cumberland Street; 18th Street between Guerrero and Dolores; 20th Street between Dolores and Church.
Dyke March route, including Muni reroutes.
Dyke March map, including Muni reroutes.
Image by SFMTA

San Francisco Pride Parade—Sunday, June 30

What time does the Pride parade start?

10:30 a..m. on Sunday.

What route will the parade follow?

The parade runs along Market Street from Beale to Eighth Street. The march will proceed west on Market to Hyde and Eighth streets, where it will funnel off from Eighth Street and in Civic Center. Don’t even think of driving into or near this area.

Which Muni routes will be affected?

F Market and Wharves, K Owl, M Owl, N Owl, T Owl, 2 Clement, 3 Jackson, 5 Fulton, 6 Haight/Parnassus, 7 Haight/Noriega, 8 Bayshore, 9 San Bruno, 10 Townsend, 12 Folsom/Pacific, 14 Mission, 14R Mission Rapid, 19 Polk, 21 Hayes, 25 Treasure Island, 27 Bryant, 30 Stockton, 31 Balboa, 38 Geary, 38R Geary Rapid, 45 Union/Stockton, and 76X Marin Headlands Express.

Which streets will be closed for SF Pride Parade?

These streets will be closed from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.:

  • Beale, from Market to Folsom
  • Main, from Market to Folsom
  • Spear, from Market to Folsom
  • Steuart, from Market to Howard
  • Market, from Beale to Steuart

All northbound traffic coming from Ninth Street will be directed to use Hayes Street to either Van Ness Avenue or Franklin Street. Southbound traffic on Polk Street should use Golden Gate Avenue to Hyde Street until Saturday evening when both Hyde Street and Golden Gate Avenue will be closed.

SF Pride Parade afterparty map, including reroutes.
SF Pride Parade afterparty map, including reroutes.
Image by SFMTA

How to watch the Pride Parade from home.

Tune into Sunday morning to watch the parade online.