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‘Wellness-inspired’ luxury home in Cow Hollow asks $34 million

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Comes with outdoor yoga space and filtration system that recirculates air every two to three hours

Exterior at night.
Photos by Mikiko Kikuyama, courtesy of Quinn PR

The circa-2018 mansion at 2646 Union (christened Residence 2646) isn’t your average multimillion-dollar abode, despite its appearance.

Inside you’ll find many of the amenities and mechanisms of a pricey spa retreat. Which is why the home’s developer, Troon Pacific (who whipped up this much-ballyhooed property in Russian Hill, currently the priciest house in the city), calls the new residence a “wellness home,” hoping to cash in on the trend so popular with the well-to-do set.

“The exceptional home was designed to enhance the buyer’s physical, mental, and emotional health,” said Gregory Malin, CEO of Troon Pacific.

For starters, the five-story home comes with a floor devoted to wellness, which consists of a gym, a massage room, and a glass-enclosed sauna and a steam shower. This Goop-style floor leads to deck, which can double as an outdoor yoga studio.

The house also features an air filtration system that completely changes the air every two to three hours, a water system that cleans and reuses bathroom and kitchen water for irrigation, and shielded cables in the bedrooms to help stave off the risk of electromagnetic fields exposure.

Featuring six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and roughly 8,500 square-feet, the Cow Hollow home also comes with luxe items found in many tony contemporary properties: elevator to all floors, Tesla charging station, gourmet kitchen, penthouse level with full bar, fire pit, and—why not?—an herb garden on the terrace.

The listing is led by Val Steele of Pacific Union.

Living room with fireplace.
Open floor plan kitchen and family room offers views of the bay.
Dining room.
Sauna and steam room.
Skylight-crowned shower.