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Salesforce Tower’s new top-floor tour dates sell out in record time

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Salesforce Tower tours open
Salesforce Tower towers above the rest.
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Update: They’re booked out completely.

“In record time, all Salesforce Tower Ohana Floor tours for the community are full through January 2020, notes the Salesforce Tower tours site. “Later this winter, we will be adding additional dates in 2020 for you to sign up.”

When Salesforce Tower opened the top floor (nee Ohana Floor) of its 1,070-foot tall high-rise to the public in February, bookings filled up fast. So much so that tours sold out until August in mere hours.

Today a new batch of free public tours have opened until January 2020.

Tours, which will happen the last Saturday of each month, will start August 24 through January 25. Visitors can grab a spot at the official Salesforce Tower tours site.

What can you expect to see? A lot. Located on the 61st floor of the Bay Area’s tallest office building, Salesforce’s Ohana Floor is a two-story space with a kitchen, bars, conference rooms, foliage, stylized bathrooms, and 360-degree views of the bay.

How long are tours?

One hour.

How many people can attend a tour?

Up to five per party.

How many tours will be offered per tour day?

Four tours will be offered each day.

Are walk-ins allowed?

Absolutely not.

I’m running late! Can I still attend?

Tours have a 20 minute cut-off post scheduled start time. If you are over 20 minutes late, you are out of luck.

Is there a wait list?

Yes. Click the “notify me” button below on the Salesforce Tower tour site.

What should I bring?

A government issued ID (e.g., drivers license, ID card, or a passport) is required for entrance.

Can I rent the top floor for a private party?

The space is not available to rent for private events. However, the company says that if an organization wants to book the top floor—and that organization focuses on humanitarian or social causes, education, or the environment—it can submit a formal request here.

Will Salesforce Park be open?

Yes, both the rooftop park and the Transbay Transit Center will reopen July 1. No reservation needed. Just show up.