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Rare single-family home in the heart of the Tenderloin asks $1.98M

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Comes with Alcatraz-themed rooms with cell bars and bunkbeds

Photos courtesy of Nozom Ogihara of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

There are less than a handful of single-family homes in the Tenderloin. This one, located at 606 Ellis between Larkin and Hyde, is one of them—and it’s back on the market.

Featuring three beds, two baths, and 1,635 square feet, the idiosyncratic home comes with a gated entrance, a garage, a cement patio, updated kitchen and baths, and two Alcatraz-themed rooms replete with bunkbeds and cell bars.

“The unwarranted additional bedroom areas downstairs were added by the seller for entertainment purposes,” notes the listing on Redfin. “In the past the seller has rented out these extra rooms as an Alcatraz prison-themed place for tourists to stay.”

The location, however, is what might cock even more eyebrows. Smack dab in the heart of the Tenderloin, one of the city’s most dense and frayed areas, is an interesting locale for a detached home.

Also something to keep in mind: The circa-1907 home is part of the Uptown Tenderloin Historic District, but that doesn’t mean the house itself is historic. At least not yet.

“One could conceivably tear down this property, but they would need to have the home go through a historic evaluation first,” a spokesperson for the Planning Department tells Curbed.

The Ellis Street home last appeared on the market asking $799K in 2013, selling for $810K.

Today it returns asking $1,988,000 though Nozomi Ogihara of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.