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Authentic Palo Alto farmhouse asks $6.27M

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Located in the historic Professorville district

Photos by Dennis Mayer, courtesy of Compass

Some farmhouses, which shall remain nameless, are contrived. A few exposed beams, a Napa setting, and an over saturation of Restoration Hardware furnishings does not a farmhouse make. But this one, located in Palo Alto’s historic Professorville district, is the real deal.

Featuring five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 2,976 square feet, 1136 Waverley, a circa-1893 Colonial farmhouse, has evolved over time into quite the luxe abode. Multimillion price tag notwithstanding, the Gambrel roof and wraparound deck keep this home firmly in bucolic territory. The interiors also keep an eye on the past, still bearing its original wood trim, doors, wood carvings, and staircase banister.

And how can you not love the TV antenna still sprouting from the roof? UHF has never looked this charming.

Updated highlights include the kitchen and master bathroom. The attic space with its own bedroom or art studio is yet another moment of happiness found inside this home.

It’s hard not to imagine the future buyer, armed with bushels of tech money, revamping the place into yet another antiseptic open-floor monstrosity. A shame, really, as this home deserves to be rooted in the past—one of the very few things in housing-starved Palo Alto that merits such a thing.

Asking is $6,275,000 through Amy Sung of Compass.