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Exceedingly charming Normandy Village condo in Berkeley asks $675K

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Storybook European village has a rare opening

Fantasty exterior.
Photos by Christian Klugmann, courtesy of Marvin Garden Real Estate

Designed by William Raymond Yelland, the circa-1927 Normandy Village (nee Thornburg Village) complex in Berkeley remains one-of-a-kind—a blend of different architectural styles, including storybook and medieval revival, that results in a fairytale-like residence that doesn’t come off as too outrageous.

According to Atlas Obscura, “The apartment complex displays various architectural influences inside and out, from Mediterranean Europe to Scandinavia, with pronounced French Normandy accents, resulting in a fantasy-land storybook look that is not quite at home in any one time or place.”

The architect, who reportedly loathed the limiting confines of architectural genres, referred to his style as simply “rural.”

A unit inside the complex, located at 1839 Spruce, hits the market this week, asking $675,000. It comes with one bedroom, one and a half bathrooms, and 909 square feet. Highlights include dowelled wood floors, walls that resemble hand-hewn stone and timber, two earthen brick fireplaces, archways, formal dining room, and a stone patio.

A rare chance to live inside one of Berkeley’s historic properties—Normandy Village was designated a City of Berkeley Landmark in 1983—the listing is through Holly Bradford of Marvin Garden Real Estate.

Living room with staircase that leads to bedroom.
Brick fireplace.
Formal dining room with pitched ceiling.
Utterly adorable kitchen.
Bedroom with arched window.
Second fireplace in an alcove that doubles as a small office.