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Berkeley Hills early midcentury asks $989K

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Built in 1947

Family room with aboral views.
Photos by Open Homes Photography

Step away from extreme renovations and into this downright charming midcentury specimen in the Berkeley Hills, asking $989,000.

Featuring three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,875 square feet, 655 Vistamont has been updated over the years, as seen in the kitchen and bathrooms, but it’s also left well enough alone. The exposed beams and vaulted ceilings are especially delightful. And what’s that? Yes, it’s a ceiling that hasn’t been painted white. Granted, some of the ceilings has been painted white, but not all of them. (Breathe a partial sigh of relief, purists.)

The wood paneling, which reaches throughout the home, is the main highlight here. It also comes with a split-level living room, period light fixtures, a dutch door, and patio spaces in both the front and rear yards.

Listing is through the Leaper Team.

Office area with built-ins.
Dining room.
Split-level living room.
Front facade.