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Adorable Bernal Heights Victorian asks $995K

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Tucked-away home is big on charm

Photos courtesy of Vanguard Properties

This darling rascal, a single-family Victorian located not on a street but next to a series of steps in Bernal Heights, lands on the market just under the one-million-dollar mark, making it a rare treat.

Realtor Catherine Watson tells Curbed that 18 Joy measures 1,065 square feet. It also sits on a 1,751-square-foot lot per public records.

The pre-quake Vic comes with three bedrooms (two beds on the top floor, one at the bottom) and one and a half bathrooms. It also features a mudroom with windows, a dining room/foyer space, and ample front and rear gardens overflowing with greenery.

The ostensible drawback here is no parking, which could, in fact, prove to be a benefit for residents who eschew personalized vehicles in favor of biking or walking as primary modes of transportation.

Asking is $995,000 through Catherine Watson or Vanguard Properties.