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Minimalist unit inside SoMa Saitowitz-designed building asks $1.04M

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Austere abode inside one of one of the city’s chicest buildings

Photos courtesy of Gueco Real Estate

Much ink has been spilled over this Stanley Saitowitz-designed metal box in SoMa known as 1234 Howard. The building, which was awarded the American Institute of Architects Merit Award in 2008 is “a study in transparency, light, and negative space,” as Curbed noted in our guide to the noted designer.

Now a condo inside the building, comprised of jewel box-like units stacked on top of each other and separated by an open-air shaft and patio, is on the market.

Featuring one bed, one bath, and 888 square feet, unit 3D comes with sparely accents like stained bamboo flooring, glass sliding doors, black granite countertops, and a private patio overlooking the courtyard. It also comes with one-car parking inside a secured garage.

An excellent opportunity to live inside of one of San Francisco’s starchitect’s best works.

Asking is $1,049,000 through Kevin Gueco and Marcell Neri of Gueco Real Estate.