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What $5,100 rents in San Francisco right now

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Five new rentals, from Bayview to the Richmond

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person’s studio another person’s townhouse? Today’s price: $5,100.

Via Craigslist

Promises of big windows and lots of natural light are constant refrains in San Francisco housing ads. Sometimes they mark real and significant features of a particular home and other times they’re common refrains for a unit that has little else to distinguish it. But rarely does a home in the city combine these commonplace laurels in such a way as to create a real knockout on the level of this Nob Hill condo. The fifth-floor setup on California Street, located a block from Huntington Park, is two beds, two baths, and 1,600 square feet for $5,095 per month. But it’s the living room and its “bay windows with solar shades from floor to ceiling” that steals the show. Note that if renters want parking, it’s an extra $200 per month, and apparently no sum is adequate to buy access to the panoramic views for your pets.

Via Craigslist

The Shipyard in Bayview does not soar to the same heights—physically, that is—as Nob Hill, but it does peddle one-of-a-kind views from a southeastern angle rarely appreciated by most SF residents and visitors. A similar sized two-bed, two-bath townhouse in the still-new Hunters Point development sports “a spacious terrace,” “electric fireplace and gorgeous ebony-stained flooring,” “high-gloss cabinetry,” and “a glass mosaic backsplash” to the tune of $5,100 per month. No word on pets. Note that these photos may not represent the specific home on offer, mainly because there’s usually more than one on the block in this development at any given time.

Via Craigslist

What does “luxury living” look like in San Francisco? According to this listing, it entails a Presidio Heights location three blocks south of the former Army base—of course, almost all of Presidio Heights is within roughly within the same proximity—a “fantastically remodeled apartment home” with three beds and one bath. It also looks like $5,000 per month, which nets gas fireplace (the old wood fireplaces are sealed up), “Italian Carrara marble countertops,” crown molding with traditional San Francisco layout” (whatever that may be) and “multiple skylights.” Even with all that going for it, though, it’s still a no-pets-allowed deal.

Via Craigslist

For a single-family house for rent, trek to the Outer Richmond around 21st Avenue and Balboa for this circa-1917 “large remodeled house” to the tune of $5,100 per month. In this case, large means four beds and two and a half baths. Although there’s no estimated square footage provided, listings on other sites peg it at 1,850 square feet. (They also identify it as four beds and one bath, suggesting that the additional bathrooms may be a product of the advertised remodel.) All that includes “a formal dining room, a large living room [and] a large backyard,” but there’s still no pets allowed at this place, either.

Via Craigslist

Finally, a second house for rent, this one in Miraloma Park, wants $5,000 per month. It’s a two-bed and one-bath setup with a slightly vintage look, this one coming furnished as well. But its big selling point is that it’s seemingly one of the few homes available in this price range that will welcome pets; the ad designating furry friends “okay up to 45 pounds” and with extra deposit.


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