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Alameda’s largest home, a circa-1910 Tudor, asks $3.95M

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Owned by a former New York Jets offensive lineman

The Tudor home’s exterior highlighted by a brick archway leading to the front door.
Photos by Open Homes Photography, courtesy of Vincent Tore San Nicolas of Green Bridge Properties

When one hears the roar of “largest home in X city,” one thinks gaudy, bombastic, or crude. Think McMansions or modern palaces of Versailles—none of which, for gentility’s sake, will be specifically mentioned here.

Not so in Alameda.

The Tudor at 1234 Hawthorne, reportedly the largest house in the East Bay town, is a sight to behold. Originally constructed in 1910 for Charles Appleton Hooper, a lumber mogul and philanthropist, it measures 9,349 square feet, which brings it smack dab into mansion territory.

Featuring seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, the property can be found in the city’s tony Gold Coast neighborhood. It comes with a salt water pool, a movie theater, a gym, exposed beams, a grand staircase, a bookcase that leads to another room, and more.

This stately specimen is currently owned by onetime New York Jets offensive lineman turned tech entrepreneur Alex Bernstein. (For what it’s worth, Fortune described the home as “cavernous” in a 2014 interview.)

Asking price is $3,950,000 through Vincent Tore San Nicolas of Green Bridge Properties.

The grand foyer.
Renovated kitchen brings the property up to date.
Formal dining room with exposed beams.
Billiards room.
Remodeled bathroom.
Party-ready yard.