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What $2,600 rents in San Francisco right now

Five new rentals, from the Cow Hollow to Noe Valley

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person’s studio another person’s townhouse? Today’s price: $2,600.

Via Craigslist

How’s life in the Mission these days? Well, it’s a $2,600-per-month-for-a-studio-with-no-pets-allowed kind of neighborhood. This “vintage 192’s multi-unit building” on Guerrero Street dates to 1925. The offering is a second-floor “quiet back building unit” that’s deemed “of a good size” without any measurements provided. “Hardwood floors throughout,” “two walk-in closets,” “porch off of kitchen space,” and “nice hardwood floors throughout” included—yes, we mentioned the hardwood floors twice, but so does the ad, so evidently whoever is leasing this place really wants you to know. The French doors on the closets are a classy addition.

Via Craigslist

How far does a dollar go in San Francisco 2019? Well, for one dollar less—$2,599 per month—renters may end up in the Financial District at the Gateway Apartments, a block from the Embarcadero and Sydney Walton Square (one of the city’s underrated downtown parks). This unit is a “spacious studio,” but in this case that comes with numbers to round out the phrase: 512 square feet, plus a balcony that presumably adds a couple of usable feet on top of the floor plan. But this studio also comes with the dreaded “sorry, no pets” note.

Via Craigslist

The colorful facade and overgrown garden at the front of this Noe Valley apartment certainly draw in the eye, but the home for rent isn’t in the main house but the in-law out back. It’s a one-bedroom, one-bath place deemed cozy yet spacious. “The apartment has new hardwood flooring [and] large front room with picture window that overlooks a small, lush garden,” and the landlord notes that “tenants have traditionally divided the back bedroom into two rooms, a study or dining room and bedroom, since it is large.” The ad also says, “We have traditionally allowed cats and sometimes dogs with full and excellent references,” so hopefully Bandit can hit up his obedience school alum society for a recommendation. This one runs $2,595 per month.

Via Craigslist

The ad for this two-bed, one-bath apartment on Darien Way—the only two-bed option to make today’s cut—says that “the unit is located between Glen Park Bart and West Portal Muni Station.” Of course, so are a a lot of other things—in this case it’s closest to Balboa Terrace, south of fancy Saint Francis Wood and west of the fairly fancy Monterey Heights neighborhoods. Dubbed a “beautiful veranda [with] two bedrooms, a kitchenette, and a bath,” the home costs $2,550 per month—sightly cheaper than the rest despite being a bit bigger on account of its western neighborhoods local. “The larger room has nine huge windows, which let in lots of natural light,” though this is hard to tell from the images.

Via Craigslist

Finally, Cow Hollow living at the $2,600 per month threshold means yet another studio, billed a “very quiet garden unit with gated entrance at back of four-unit building,” which “contains a bedroom alcove, living/eating area, galley kitchen with granite counters, shower bathroom. Not sure whether or not all of the dramatic black furniture is included in the deal. Note that parking isn’t available and pets aren’t allowed.


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