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Salesforce Tower opens free tours of ‘Ohana Floor’ to the public

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A bird’s-eye view

Salesforce Tower’s Ohana floor.
Photos by Brock Keeling

Update: Tours sold out until August. RSVPs closed. However, the company will add more tour dates in the springtime.

Salesforce Tower made a big noise about how the Ohana Floor would be open to the public, which seems, at last, to be happening. The company just announced public tours of the top floor will be available beginning February 23.

However, all public tours have “sold out” until July 27.

The company will offer free public tours one Saturday a month, with four tours per day for up to 50 people. All guests must register in advance. “Sorry, we cannot accommodate same day walk-ins or group requests.”

Situated on the 61st floor of the Bay Area’s tallest office building, Salesforce’s Ohana Floor (“Ohana” is the Hawaiian word for family) is a two-story space replete with kitchen, bars, conference rooms, foliage, bathrooms, and 360-degree views of the bay. It is, according to the company, open to all—e.g., employees, customers, and “the surrounding community.”

The company notes that if an organization wants to book the space and said organization “focuses on humanitarian or social causes, education, or the environment,” it can submit a formal request here. Organizations that have confirmed events thus far include Buena Vista Horace Mann Community School, Edna Brewer Middle School, and St. Ignatius College Preparatory.

The space is not available to rent for private events.