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What should San Francisco name after Bruce Bochy?

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Yes, “everything” is an acceptable answer

Oracle Park.
By Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock

Oracle Park’s rechristening. Hunter Pence playing for the Texas Rangers. And now Bruce Bochy announcing this will be his last season. Changes are in store for the San Francisco Giants. And today’s most recent news that Bochy will retire after the 2019-2020 season is the most bittersweet.

Since joining the team as manager in 2007, Bochy brought the San Francisco MLB franchise its first World Series title since the team moved from NY to SF. He went on to help the team nab second and third World Series championships, cementing the Giants as a dynasty.

“Words cannot adequately express the amount of admiration, gratitude and respect the Giants family has for Bruce Bochy,” said Giants president and CEO Larry Baer in a written statement. “His honesty, integrity, passion and brilliance led to the most successful period of Giants baseball in the history of our franchise.”

And with that, what should San Francisco rename in honor of the Giants’ managerial hero? The Golden Gate Bridge sounds more than reasonable. Or maybe Sutro Tower—that also seems as appropriate as it does agreeable. Or perhaps the entirety of South Park, the neighborhood that Oracle Park calls home. Why not.

Tell us what street, bridge, structure, building, or park the city might want to consider naming after Bochy.