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What $2,800 rents in San Francisco right now

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Five new rentals, from the Sunset to Pac Heights

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person’s studio another person’s townhouse? Today’s price: $2,800.

Photos via Craigslist

Now here’s a tantalizing term to consider: “modern Art Deco condo.” Unfortunately, this Yerba Buena spot appears neither particularly art nor deco upon inspection, so it seems that modernity takes the better share of the collaboration this time. The ad describes the apartment as a “spacious luxury unit” with “wall to wall carpet in bedroom and living room, open style living/dining/kitchen area, [and] customized lighting.” Although being a studio, the open living/dining area part is a given. The rent runs $2,700 per month. But even after plunking that down, no pets are allowed.

Photos via Craigslist

And now, a study in contrasts, as this next apartment promises to be “comfortable and quiet” while employing no fewer than six exclamation points and all caps to communicate that idea. Similarly, the exterior is pure Pacific Heights Victorian goodness (love that sterling blue facade), while the interior is straightforward and practical. This is a one-bed, one-bath in-law just down the block from Alta Plaza Park, asking $2,799 per month. But don’t plan on taking the dogs to romp in the park anytime soon—this pad also doesn’t allow pets.

Photos via Craigslist

This next apartment is also a Pac Heights rental, this one north of the park on Jackson Street. Though close in proximity and in size, this one-bed, one-bath apartment comes with a more midcentury feel. (Dig that brick fireplace.) The ad does not specify how many square feet the unit measures, but the photos make clear that it leans into efficiency territory. It’s $2,699 per month. The ad doesn’t say anything about pets, so there’s room to hope.

Photos via Craigslist

The elaborate gates in front of this Inner Sunset apartment complex on Irvine Street give the distinct impression that someone in there is tutoring magical kids in the proper use of their powers in some yet unreleased YA book. If so, the ad keeps it under wraps, instead advertising the “beautiful large studio” for rent for $2,800 per month on the second floor, “hardwood floors, tile bathroom, eat in kitchen” included, as well as being “wired for Sonic gigabit internet.” No dogs allowed but cats are okay, again inviting speculation about potential magical goings-on.

Photos via Craigslist

Finally, the only home on this list built for two and also the largest of the lot is this “two-junior-bed,” two-bath, 650-square-foot apartment in Bayview, in the red building on Oakdale Avenue. “Features a beautiful sunroom/dining area, 10-foot ceilings, ground floor, electric heat, backyard,” $2,700 per month, and for once all pets are a-okay.


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    Sunset studio
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