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Idyllic Berkeley midcentury with extra cottage asks $1.79 million

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A hilly two-for-one deal—or two for a whole lot more, technically

Siler Place is a short, wooded, hilly street in Berkeley on the edge of the Claremont Hills that features some of the city’s most bucolic homes—but being as it is a short street, those few pretty properties that fit on it are set to fetch a pretty penny these days.

In the case of 1044 Siler, a three bed, two bath, 2,000 square foot house sitting on nearly half an acre and packaged with an additional one bed, one bath cottage, the most recent asking price is a tidy $1.25 million.

But buyers who want to help themselves to the two neighboring lots that are also for sale—which together add up to more than 13,300 additional square feet of space—are going to have to push that payout all the way up to $1.79 million for all three.

Of the main house, realtor Michael Stephens advertises the circa 1957 abode’s “house of vaulted ceilings, skylights, wrap around patio, [and] easily reconfigured floor plan/reconstruction,” but to be honest this understates the home’s sheer midcentury class a bit—the place even has a stone wine cellar built into the side of a hill.

The listing also plays up the potential to expand onto the currently empty parcels in the future—he notes that both lots are zoned for single-family use. The sales video above provides a good survey of the lay of the land.

This current listing is a very slight price break from when 1044 Siler appeared earlier this year, then asking nearly $1.3 million for the main property.