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A map of PG&E blackout zones in Northern California

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Power is already out across the Bay Area, with more shutoffs to come

Update: While an estimated 126,000 customers have power again, roughly 600,00 are without power as of Thursday morning.

According to SFGate, the third wave of shutoffs, which has been scaled back a bit, started this morning. “PG&E must inspect all power lines before switching things back on, a process that it warns could take 24 to 48 hours. If there are damaged lines, it could take even longer.”

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) started shutting off power in parts of the Bay Area and dozens of outside counties early Wednesday morning and will continue with new blackouts through noon.

Although the utility features several online tools to help customers identify whether they're in power-outage zones, the sheer amount of traffic to the site has made these features difficult to access, with pages frequently crashing or inaccessible.

With that in mind, San Jose Mercury News generated a map based off of the most recent information to help pick out likely outage areas, embedded above.

Note that most of this data comes from Tuesday, and there may still be risk of power outages in other areas not cited here if PG&E decides to expand the blackout zone.

Also keep in mind that, on top of planned outages, the same windy conditions that prompted shutoffs could cause unexpected electricity interruptions.

Nevertheless, this is the most comprehensive information available at the time, particularly in light of the technical problems with PG&E’s online tools.

Blackouts will likely last at least 36 hours in most places while the company waits for red flag warnings to expire.

However, outages could last several days more, as PG&E must check to make sure that power lines and equipment wasn't damaged during the outage before restoring power, meaning some parts of some counties may face up to a week in the dark.

To locate service centers set up to help people affected by the outages, consult the list here.