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West Oakland loft with no windows seeks $649K

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But it comes with skylights galore

Photos courtesy of Caldecott Properties

Located inside a West Oakland building with 19 other lofts—used mostly by artists—this industrial-sized space comes with a daring architectural touch: no windows.

This raises the eternal tree-falling-in-the-forest question: Is a skylight a window? Insert mind-blown emoji here.

The answer is: no. A skylight is not a window since you cannot see the world out of a skylight—only the sky. Further, you cannot usually escape out of a skylight. Consider it a close relative. So, what this Oakland loft lacks in windows it more than make up for in oversized skylights, the window’s cousin.

Featuring one bedroom, one and a half bathrooms, and 1,084 square feet, 3015 Myrtle #2, a converted brick and timber warehouse inside Myrtle Street Studios, comes with 21-foot ceilings adorned with wood paneling, exposed beams and clinker brick, and concrete floors.

The two massive living panels in the main common area add a much-needed hint of nature indoors. The washer/dryer unit is a welcome sight for those accustomed to hauling laundry to the laundromat. And there’s even private parking available.

Asking is $649,000; it’s listed through Sai Kopacek of Caldecott Properties.

A wood door with the number “2” on it opens to the foyer area with a long white rug, coat hooks on the wall, and exposed beams.
A circular dining room table with a plant in the front, a kitchen in the background.
Dining area and kitchen.
A dark gray L-shaped couch in the middle of the room. Above it hand two rectangular wall fixtures with plants and moss.
The living room with living wall fixtures.
Two large skylights hover above the bedroom area, which is open to the rest of the home.
The “bedroom” here is an open-air loft space.
A small, white walk-in closet with brown wood shelving.
A walk-in closet.
gray-painted bathroom with long white sink. there’s a ladder in the middle of the wall, leading up to the skylight.
The skylight in this bathroom has a ladder, meaning you can escape from this one.