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Salesforce Tower Halloween: It’s the Eye of Sauron again

All eyes on the skyline this All Hallow’s Eve

San Francisco Skyline through very dark fog, with the tops of Salesforce Tower and the Transamerica Pyramid visible. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Update: The LED crown of Salesforce Tower lit up again as the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. Unlike last year’s eye, however, this time it comes without fire imagery—a thoughtful removal due to the ongoing Kincade Fire still in progress.

Following last year’s surprise Eye of Sauron appearance on its crown, Salesforce Tower’s LED top will once again dress up come Halloween night.

Curbed SF confirmed that tomorrow night, October 31, the building’s tip will illuminate as something spooktacular. Exactly what that will be remains a mystery—for now. (If we may, Carrie White at the prom would be a glorious yet frightening option.)

While design details have yet to emerge, we do know that Jim Campbell, the artist behind the illuminated art that appears atop the tower LED display, has had to rework this year’s Halloween night imagery. The original plan reportedly featured some type of fire image, which, for reasons of sensitivity, is being removed due to the very real wildfires still in progress.

Be sure to keep an eye high tomorrow night come nightfall. The Bay Area—which has seen the aforementioned blazes ravage Sonoma County, as well as planned blackouts, courtesy of PG&E, darken homes for days—could use a lift in spirits right now.

Curbed SF will update as soon additional details unfold.

A festive move by Boston Properties in 2018, the property manager helped turn the tip of the San Francisco’s tallest building into the giant, blazing cornea featured in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films. A widely circulated petition sparked the idea for the eye-opening Halloween night spectacle.