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Renovated Bernal Heights Victorian asks $1.3M

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Onetime cozy abode expanded with new bedroom and bathrooms

Photos courtesy of Sante Sandhu, Luxe Living Real Estate Group

Smack dab on the border of Bernal Heights and Bayview sits this circa-1900 specimen, a Victorian bought in 2017, renovated to the hilt, and returned to the market with the hope of reaping a tidy sum.

Featuring three beds, two baths, and 2,337 square feet, 135 Holladay Avenue benefited from a recent overhaul that bumped up its original two-bed, one-bath, 1,785-square-foot count. In addition to expanding the property, the renovation added a revamped kitchen with marble countertops and backsplash, lighting, attic space, interiors, and more.

While purists might bemoan the old wood accents painted white, it’s an effervescent new look compared to the home’s previous vibe that bordered on suffocating. (Contrary to popular opinion, too much cherry wood is usually too much of a good thing.)

Perhaps the best highlights here are the original built-ins and coffered ceiling in the dining room. The bed and bath in the attic aren’t too shabby, either.

Overall, a decent renovation in a city besieged with antiseptic horror shows. Lovely. Asking is $1,399,000.