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What $4,300 rents in San Francisco right now

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Five new rentals, from Nob Hill to Daly City

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person’s studio another person’s townhouse? Today’s price: $5,500.

This Nob Hill apartment—dubbed “Russian Hill” in the ad—comes with the full package. So full, in fact, that potential renters don’t have the option of turning any of it out, as the landlords are very insisting that the place comes furnished and “no we will not unfurnish,” so hopefully you think the furniture pairs well with the cobalt blue color scheme, granite counters, and hardwood floors. It’s one bedroom, one bath, and bit less than 1,000 square feet in a circa-1895 Edwardian that allows dogs but no cats. Oddly, the single bedroom does not have a door, nor does the building have an elevator—guess you can’t furnish everything after all. The price is $4,300/month and the ad suggests it’s an ideal pied-à-terre, presumably to go with your other $4,300 apartment.

This Mission loft on York Street has a few oddball things in common with the previous listing, including a relative lack of privacy—there are at least doors, but the walls on the upstairs bedroom don’t go all the way up to the ceiling—and the inclusion of some extra additions upon moving in, namely the owner’s art collection. The 1860s-era brick building packs 16-foot ceilings, jacuzzi bath, and 1,400 square feet, but no room for pets throughout the multi-tiered spread. The deal is $4,250/month.

If privacy problems got you antsy, perhaps the illusion of seclusion will put renter fears to rest via a “cottage” in Cole Valley that promises to be a “stylish hideaway.” Few homes in San Francisco are really ever far away from potentially intruding neighbors, but this little red number on Cole Street tries to create that impression via it location in the backyard of the larger house and surrounding garden. It’s one bed, one bath, 600 square feet, and also furnished for the somewhat remarkable sum of $4,250/month; no word on pets.

Whereas if spreading out seems like a good idea, take the case of this three-bed, two-bath house “conveniently located” in Ingleside—except that it’s not, because application of a map reveals this is, in fact, located in Daly City despite what the ad says, albeit just barely over the line. Nevertheless it’s allowed here for the purposes of illustrating why a move to the barest northern edge of Daly City might well appeal to the modern San Francisco renter, as behind a humble but perky teal facade is a real looker, featuring a “rare find custom built spiral staircase,” “newly installed hardwood floor, tile floors, recessed lights and dual pane windows,” a garage, and a beautiful blue deck overlooking views of the city and a sizable backyard. The only catch—other than the $4,300/month bill—is that no pets are allowed.

But for those who just can’t say goodbye to the city, a similar two-story, three-bed, two-bath house setup for the same price of $4,300/month can be had right within San Francisco’s official confines, just a bit north in Miraloma on the southern edge of Mt. Davidson. It may not be quite as fetching, but it does sport two skylights, granite counters, fireplace, and fruit bearing trees in the yard. But no pets to seal the deal.


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    Cole Valley Cottage
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    Daly City House
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