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Guerneville home comes with miniature golf course

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Features two people cooking a man in a large pot 

Photo by Mary Ann Fitzpatrick, courtesy of Randall Tallariti and Toni Kelsay of Pacific Union International

A detached single-family home in Guerneville comes with something extra: a miniature golf course. The Pee Wee Golf and Arcade, to be exact, which can be used by the future owner(s) to pull in extra income. The entire deal sounds like the premise of an ’80s sitcom—e.g., the second half of The Facts of Life—so if you’re looking for wacky high jinks in real estate, look no further.

Featuring three beds, two baths, and 1,954 square feet, 16155 Drake Road is a simple, unassuming home. Renovated in 1997, it comes with a mishmash of nondescript looks, including an out-of-place stone fireplace, wall-to-wall carpeting, track lighting, and interior blue trim to spare.

But the real treat here is the mini golf outside, which has been entertaining local families for decades. Built in 1948, the golf course was renovated in 2011 to spruce up its games and collection of animalic characters. A large snake chills with a tyrannosaurus rex. A blitzed-looking fish and a friendly pooch await golfers looking to score. Also of note, the course comes with a macabre scene of two people cooking a man in a pot. Delightfully grim.

A couple of techie-hipsters could easily snap up this property and turn it into a destination spot for millennial dollars.

Asking for the priceless merriment is $649,000.

Home’s interior.
Pee Wee Golf and Arcade.
  • 16155 Drake Road [Randall Tallariti and Toni Kelsay of Pacific Union International]