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Millennium Tower adds cracked window to its resume

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“When you have a window at the 36th floor that cracks in the middle of the night that is a big wake up call,” says city supervisor

Millennium Tower in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena neighborhood. Photo by Patricia Chang

The beleaguered Millennium Tower, the East Cut luxury high-rise that made headlines in 2016 for its sinking and tilting troubles, has yet another structural issue: a cracked window.

A resident inside unit 36B reportedly heard a loud pop in the middle of the night over the holiday weekend. The sound was that of a pane of glass cracking.

While the window didn’t break apart, such incidents can pose a threat for pedestrians below. (If you recall, parts of the Financial District were closed in 2008 after a window in 555 California plummeted from the 38th floor.) However, according to ABC 7 News, there’s little risk of glass falling from a broken window in the Millennium Tower.

“The Department of Building Inspection tells ABC 7 News an inspector has been to the site three times, including Wednesday afternoon. That inspector determined there is no imminent risk to pedestrians below, specifically because the glass is laminated and designed to hold in place even when fractured.”

San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin chimed in on the glass snafu, according to NBC Bay Area, saying, “When you have a window at the 36th floor that cracks in the middle of the night that is a big wake up call.”

As for whether or not the glass break is related to the high-rise’s previous troubles, an attorney for the Millennium Tower Homeowner’s Association claims the fissure has nothing to do with the building’s sinking and tilting issues.

The building, now sinking 18 inches, is currently under repair.