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This Lego Apple Park replica took two years to build

Calling all AFOLs!

apple park made of legos Photos by Spencer Rezkalla

Lego builder Spencer Rezkalla has created a slew of esteemed architecture using the playful, plastic studded bricks, including the Petronas Towers, the Woolworth Building, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater—just to name a few. His most recent work pays tribute to the Bay Area’s second most controversial horizontal skyscraper, Apple Park.

In addition to the prominent ring, which houses the tens of thousands of Apple worker bees, Rezkalla’s recreation feature miniature replicas of the Apple Park fitness center; the foliage; the visitor center; the parking structures and tunnels; and the Steve Jobs Theater, named after the company’s late CEO and founder.

He even created a replica of the 102-year-old barn preserved on Apple’s grounds.

Taking a little less than two years to make, Rezkalla based his work primarily off drone footage of the park as it was being created.

“I started in the summer of 2016, and just finished a couple of weeks ago,” Rezkalla tells Curbed SF. “One of the reasons the timetable was stretched out was that I sometimes had to wait for portions of the real campus to be finished. Drone footage revealed work in some areas was still ongoing into early 2018.”

The Steve Jobs Theater.

He says Apple’s obsessive attention to detail inspired him to select the Normal Foster-designed Neo-futurist structure.

“I think Apple Park represents an interesting intersection between the company’s financial fortunes, their obsessive focus on design, and their reputation for working together differently,” he says. “Such a confluence is bound to produce something unique and that makes Apple Park a subject worth exploring.”

Check out more images of Rezkalla’s Lego Apple Park here, as well as the rest of his architectural stunners here.

Tunnels leading to underground parking.
The 102-year-old Glendenning Barn.
Close-up of parking structure.
Apple Park.