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Here’s the view from Salesforce Tower’s Ohana Floor

A view from the top

Photo by Lynn Yeh/Shutterstock

Outside of the Upper Haight, you can’t much higher in San Francisco than the 61st floor of the Salesforce Tower—aka the Ohana Floor—the very top of the city’s tallest tower.

What’s on the top floor, exactly? No offices, for starters. The top floor is dedicated to the public, who will be invited up free of charge. It runs the full length of the 61st floor, located 1,070 feet high. Consider it a public penthouse of sorts for Salesforce employees and customers, as well as the community at large.

As Dreamforce kicks off this week, the Ohana Floor officially opened today. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and a smattering of guests visited the tip to check out the space (right now a series of Salesforce blue seating graces the perimeter of the floor) on Sunday and snapped shots of the stellar views.

Here are just a few images of the newly opened sky deck.