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Oakland BART service suspended again

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“This is the last weekend of this work”

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Once again, would-be weekend commuters will have to factor a BART service stoppage into their plans, as train service is suspended between West Oakland Station and 19th Street in one direction and between West Oakland and Lake Merritt in the other.

This is the third such weekend service interruption this year. However, according to BART, “this is the final weekend of this work.”

The service change lasts all day Saturday and Sunday, September 22-23, while BART works to repair and replace worn-out trackway.

The repair work is the product of Measure RR, a 2016 bond measure that passed with more than 70 percent of the vote in San Francisco, Alameda, and Contra Costa County.

The $3.5 billion Measure RR bond goes toward, among other things, “replacing and upgrading 90 miles of severely worn tracks.”

While BART completes its RR railroad work, a series of buses will ferry riders from there to 19th Street Station, where they can catch a train for the remainder of their trip. According to BART:

Trains in the East Bay will run at least every 20 minutes between Richmond and Warm Springs and Antioch and Dublin. All transfers, including to the bus for service to West Oakland (to catch trains to the West Bay) should be made at 19th Street Station. The West Bay service to San Bruno will be every 10 minutes and to SFO/Millbrae every 20 minutes.

[...] The real time departures feature will provide information on when the next train is coming/leaving.

Travelers should expect the bus transfer to add about 10 minutes to their trip if all runs smoothly.

Be warned also that parking around West Oakland is going to be a real mess, and there will be additional traffic congestion around the station itself.