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SF Museum of Ice Cream to stay open indefinitely

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Instagram favorite no longer in danger of melting away

Photo by Patricia Chang

The Museum of Ice Cream, which has occupied the old bank building at One Grant Street near Union Square since 2017, was supposed to be a temporary installation, and has extended beyond several proposed closing dates.

Now Eater SF reports that the sweet sensation plans to remain at its Grant Street locale for good, citing a museum spokesperson saying, “Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco will continue to keep its doors open indefinitely, due to the extremely favorable public reception.”

The site, with its oversized novelty “exhibits” that include a gigantic pool of plastic sprinkles into which guests can dive, has proved popular with tourists and locals alike thanks to its eye-popping color scheme and sense of playful irreverence.

Of course, it’s only a museum in the loosest possible sense of the word, with the for-profit enterprise’s site noticeably hedging on its use of the term:

“A museum in our opinion celebrates creativity, passion, history, innovators and innovations, and we created Museum of Ice Cream in this spirit. While we are neither a non-profit nor an official museum, we are built upon the foundation of sharing and celebrating imagination.”

The SF location was just one of several museum locales across the US, with sister sites in places like Miami and New York City. But it seems no other sugar shack proved as popular as this one, as the other temporary locales have since closed.

Note that the chilling $38 entry price will also remain, causing a potential bellyache for some would-be visitors. But, thus far, it hasn’t put the public’s interest on ice.