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Protests on Third Street shut down traffic near Moscone Center

Global Climate Action Summit sparks several rallies

Photo by Brock Keeling

Hundreds of people gathered in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena neighborhood this morning to protest world leaders at the Global Climate Action Summit happening at Moscone Center.

Expected to continue throughout the day, the protests shut down the intersections of Third and Folsom and Third and Howard. If you are driving in the area or plan on driving near the area, don’t. If you must, be advised that traffic has been rerouted along Hawthorne Street.

Today’s protests are multifold. One rally is about the hypocrisy of California as it digs oil up while championing clean energy. Another is about how climate action doesn’t include equity. And the one happening later at noon is about how SF is hosting such a summit yet doesn’t prioritize zero emission transportation. (Psst: Free burritos for anyone protecting the Howard Street bike lane.)

Again, unless you are protesting and/or attending the climate summit, try to stay out of the area if at all possible.

Meanwhile, a vault fire at Spear and Folsom, which SFFD extinguished, has halted traffic in the area. And over at Lowell High School, a gas leak has prompted an evacuation.

Quite the day here in the city.