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Parody site roasts anti-tax campaign yet again

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Strike two for business lobby?

Homeless Numbers Remain Unchanged From 2011 Despite Increase In Funding
Prop C would raise funds for homeless services and has now spawned a URL war ahead of the November cote.
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Is a joke ever as funny the second time around?

Supporters of Prop C hope so, as once again anonymous satirists are relying on a parody site to counter the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce’s campaign against an upcoming tax vote that would generate revenue for homeless services.

Prop C, originally known as Article 28, goes before voters in November and would level a 0.5 percent gross receipts tax on SF businesses that make at least $50 million:

In December, 2017 Donald Trump signed the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” into law which reduced the federal corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent, a 14 percent reduction. By comparison, this measure would be an average of less than a half of a percent tax for the gross receipts of San Francisco businesses over $50 million.

[...] It is the intentions of the voters in adopting Article 28 to house at least 4,000 homeless people and expand shelter beds by 1,000 within five years, fund legal assistance and rent subsidies to keep San Franciscans housed, and fund intensive mental health and substance abuse services.

Earlier this month, the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, which opposes Prop C and claims it will drive businesses out of the city, coined the slogan Right Priority, Wrong Approach to undermine the tax plan.

Overnight a mystery site called appeared, filled with phony satirical quotes painting the Prop C foes as silly, out of touch elitists. Apparently no one on the actual campaign had yet registered the domain name.

Now Prop C opposition reportedly has a new slogan, “No Plan, No Accountability.” Consequently, the URL for the satire site has now changed as well, to, which is essentially the exact same site with some additional text mocking the slogan switch.

Note that the URLs and org have been recently secured, presumably by the actual no on Prop C campaign this time.

But as of yet the only actual references to this phrase anywhere online are the products of satire. Even the campaign’s LinkedIn page is part of the joke.

Whether the comedy onslaught will be enough to sink yet another slogan remains to be seen.

But for the record, be advised that the current crop of seeming anti-Prop C voices circulating online are parody works, not to be confused with the actual no on C materials. Assuming there are any.