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Burning Man preview 2018

Readying freak flags

It’s almost time.

Burning Man begins its yearly celebration of all things weird and wild on August 26, with this year’s festivities stretching through September 3.

Although set in Nevada, the annual burn has its roots in San Francisco, beginning with the very first ritual immolation on Ocean Beach back in 1986. And ever since then San Francisco artists, Bohemians, and party crews have made the pilgrimage, often with their most elaborate works in tow.

This year’s lineup includes the usual coterie of striking and dramatic large-scale art installations, many of which are already under construction on the hot desert sands. This year also features a bubbling brew of controversy over surprise police searches on nearby roads, but that’s unlikely to impact the art scene.

Here’s a preview of this year’s antics via social media, with full coverage to come after the kickoff.

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