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Montclair farmhouse asks $939K

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Circa 1952 antique sold only twice before

A red, farmhouse style house in Montclair. Courtesy Corey Weinstein, Red Oak Realty

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of Bay Area living is enough to make anybody want to pack up and move to farm country.

That’s not likely to happen in most cases, but house hunters seeking the consolation of farmhouse style don’t have to look further than Montclair, where a rustic red four bed, four bath, 2,300-plus square foot house at 1 Azalea Lane just listed for the rather un-rustic price of $939,000.

The place dates to 1952 but has obviously and recently seen some interior updates. Realtor Corey Weinstein’s listing positions the place as an “open, flexible farmhouse.” After the most recent 2015 sale (for $717K) the place got a few updates, including remodels of certain interior rooms.

Note that prior to 2015, public records have only one sale recorded for this spot, way back in 1978. Back then, selling the farm brought in just $47,000, the equivalent of about $70,000 today. Really makes you appreciate how much the neighborhood has, well, appreciated.