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Golden Gate Park ranked third most popular park in US

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It’s easy being green

The Trust For Public Land [TFPL], a San Francisco-based parks nonprofit, released its annual City Park Facts report on Wednesday, once again heralding San Francisco as one of the greenest cities in America, at least in terms of green space.

According to Trust spokesperson Joanna Fisher, TFPL ranks Golden Gate Park the third most visited park in the entire country, out of parks in 100 cities coast to coast. SF also placed tenth overall in terms of park acres per 1,000 residents.

This actually seems a little low considering that TFPL’s annual ParkScore report released in May showed that the city is 19.6 percent park space by square mile overall.

But since San Francisco was the first and to date still the only major US city to have a public park within an approximate ten minute walk (about half a mile) of any given point in the city there’s arguably not much room left for improvement—quite literally.

Overall the Trust ranked SF fifth overall in terms of park saturation and quality this year, the same fifth place spot SF has occupied for three years running. For the curious, here’s how the numbers break down this year:

  • Total Park Acres: 5,888.
  • Per Person: 6.8
  • Total Number of Parks: 259
  • Playground: 251
  • Dog Parks: 32
  • Trail Miles: 12
  • Overall Spending (Public + Private): $273,472,338

The curious can see the 2018 ParkScore breakdown here and check out Park Facts reports for cities including SF, Oakland, and San Jose here.

[Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported that Golden Gate Park is the sixth most popular US park, rather than the third. An email from the Trust For Public Land related the wrong statistic.]