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Condo inside Haight Victorian asks $1.4 million

Renovated home comes with original period details

Photos courtesy of Matthew Woebck and Christine Luciano of Paragon Real Estate

For the price of a single-family home in outlying Bay Area towns, one can snap up a two-story condo inside this detailed, darling pre-quake Victorian in the Upper Haight.

While this exceedingly San Francisco home at 506 Cole has indeed been renovated as of late, many of its original (or at least dated sometime in the early 1900s) details remain intact. Take, for example, the fireplaces and accompanying tile work, ceiling medallions, staircase banister, and crown moldings. The new kitchen with adjoining dining area is a knockout. And the remodeled bathrooms are a treat.

There’s also an outdoor deck area, which is ideal for entertaining during the one or two months of sunlight the neighborhood sees.

Overall, a gorgeous example of how a renovation can be done well.

HOAs come to $420 (fitting as the property sits one block away from Haight Street). Asking is $1,420,000.

  • 506 Cole [Matthew Woebck and Christine Luciano of Paragon Real Estate]