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Salesforce Park gondola won’t be operating by opening day

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Liftoff delayed

Photo by Brock Keeling

One transit element that won’t be running on time when the Salesforce Transit Center opens August 11: the aerial tram.

According to Transbay Joint Powers Authority, Boston Properties, who owns and developed nearby Salesforce Tower, won’t be able to get the design element working in a timely fashion.

“Due to Boston Property’s delays in the installation of their Gondola, Boston Properties will not have their conveyance operational until September,” said a spokesperson at Transbay Joint Powers Authority.

According to San Francisco Chronicle’s Matier and Ross, the gondola should be running by September 24. Fingers crossed.

More form than function, the gondola, which will whisk up to 20 people from Mission and Fremont to the park’s garden, will act as an architectural link to attract the attention of pedestrian passersby at street level.

On August 11, the entire $2.3-billion transit center will open to the public, featuring live music, arts and crafts, food trucks hauled up to the roof, and access to structure’s entirety.