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What to expect at the Salesforce Park rooftop party [Update]

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Food trucks, pop-up shops, live music, and views galore

Photos by Brock Keeling

The day before the rest of the Pelli Clark Pelli-designed Transbay Transit Center opens for business—the $2.3 billion center was officially renamed the Salesforce Transit Center after the tech company invested $110 million into the project—there will be a neighborhood block party to welcome the city’s new elevated linear park.

The Salesforce Park fete will happen Saturday, August 11 from noon to 4 p.m. and stretch out across the entire 5.4-acre roof. Revelers will get the chance to explore the entirety of the rooftop park and the rest of the Transbay Transit Center below.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Rooftop Park: In addition to live music, arts and crafts, there will be food trucks hauled up to the roof. Highlights here will include winding footpaths, botanical gardens with varieties of trees like Chilean wine palms and Chinese elms. You can also see the lineup of office towers bounding the park, like Slack and Instagram, who are some of the biggest names in tech. Also, there’s a Ned Kahn-designed fountain triggered by passing buses. Behold. (Psst: You can also play in the water!)
  • Bus Deck: Here you will see where the buses roll out. You can meet transit operators, check out the new stops, and see where most people will be spending their time at the new center.
  • Grand Hall: Look for pop-up shops, more live music, and—best of all—the massive and jaw-dropping new interiors, featuring one of the tallest escalators in the city. Don’t miss the skylight showstopper, which allows diffused sunlight to fill the entire space. It is, in a word, glorious.

No word yet if the aerial tram (rechristened the Salesforce gondola) will be open for rides. The tram is designed to whisk up to 20 people from the street up to the rooftop park.

The Transbay Transit Center will serve several bus lines, including AC Transit, Muni, Golden Gate Transit, and Greyhound. At some point in the future—fingers crossed—it will also be the terminus station for the California High-Speed Rail, which will connect Northern and Southern California.

The big opening of the city’s newest behemoth is almost here. You can also RSVP via the official Facebook invite.