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This 1922 Geary Street condo is what downtown living should look like

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Circa-1922 unit comes with a round bedroom

Photos by Olga Soboleva, courtesy of Maryanne Diaz at Vanguard Properties

For those who eschew the Victorian lifestyle or the cult of antiseptic contemporary, there are other San Francisco architectural looks from which to choose. Take, for example, this tenancy-in-common building at 735 Geary Street built in 1922. It’s a treat not uncommon in the neighborhood, which saw a build boom during the roaring pre-Depression Era days.

This week a unit inside this gorgeous structure lands on the market: a one-bed, one-bath, 822-square-foot TIC. While some of it has been renovated recently, much of its old-school charm remains intact.

Highlights here include crown molding, French doors, round bedroom (most of the building’s units come with bedrooms in the round), shared garden, and easy access to public transit and the downtown lifestyle. (Good thing as there’s no parking available.)

HOAs are $427/month. Asking is $689,000.