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City renames street after Golden State Warriors

Mission Bay’s South Street rechristened at team’s request

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On Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors resolved to rename a Mission Bay street near the incoming Chase Center after multiple-time NBA champs the Golden State Warriors, christening a short stretch of pavement “Warriors Way.”

City lawmakers passed the resolution unanimously with no debate, after it breezed through committee in previous weeks.

According to the paperwork, the intent is to hail “the Golden State Warriors basketball team’s contribution to [...] the City and County of San Francisco,” the most significant of which would appear to be the Warriors themselves as they prep for the big move.

Previously that street was known as South Street, a short stretch connecting Third and Terry Francois Boulevard. The board notes that “South Street was recently constructed, consists of a single block, and its name bears no historic connection to the Mission Bay neighborhood.”

In fact, a form email submitted by various community stakeholders asked for input notes that the street “isn’t south of anything in particular.” In fact, South Street is immediately north of where they’re building the arena, and is much closer to the city’s northern edge than its southern reaches. (Although it’s also south of South Beach, go figure.)

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Note that the emails also indicate that it was Warriors team management who asked for the name change.

As it stands, there’s only one building with a South Street address, the beloved WRNS Studio-designed parking garage at 450 South Street.

Per city rules, signage will continue to identify the street as “South Street” in “smaller letters above or beneath the new name” for five years to give passersby enough time to learn the new title.

By which time Chase Center will be complete and the street may finally start to see enough traffic for its name to really matter.