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See the latest trends at two SF design events this weekend

West Coast Craft and SF Design Week showcase an array of events, ideas, looks, art, moods, and more

Want redo your living room? Need to change the boring framed pictures in your hallway? Is your life incomplete without splatterware dog vases? (Trick question; any life is incomplete without splatterware dog vases.) There are two events happening this weekend in San Francisco that will get your design waters flowing freely again.

West Coast Craft

First, West Coast Craft will take place this Saturday and Sunday (June 9 and 10) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason. Artists, designers, and craftspeople will show off their goods, items foremost inspired by the mood and feel of the West Coast lifestyle.

Expect best coast-tinged jewelry, ceramics, fiber/textiles, bags, accessories, furniture, lighting, housewares, bath/body, glass, leatherwork, paper/print, and more. Hundreds of vendors will be at West Coast Craft, including Emily Katz, Peaches, Wild Medicine, Dopp City, Plants & Friends, Wild Medicine, Housedress, and Babaa, among others.

And if you get thirsty or hungry, partake in some sustenance care of the Bon Vivants, Fort Point Beer Company, Canyon Coffee, Batter Bakery, Rice Paper Scissors, Glena’s, and more.

Entry is free.

Photo courtesy of SF Design Week

SF Design Week

Starting today until June 15, San Francisco Design Week hosts a slew of events ranging from events like the annual runway fashion show and a Hayes Valley block party to panels on strategies to increase diversity in design disciplines and the emerging role of UX designers.

The talk on the future of play, which will feature emerging technologies like AR and VR, will be especially interested for those with a tech bent.

Events and presentations vary in topic and price. Be sure to check out their events page to see what’s sold out and what’s still open.